Customer Reviews - In Their Own Words

At Poulin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we are dedicated to providing the best possible purchasing experience to each of our customers. We know that no one is perfect, but we want to try. So we want to hear how we're doing. We want to know when we're meeting our customers' needs, exceeding their expectations, and most importantly, how we can improve our quality of service.

We ask each of our customers to fill out a short survey when they take delivery of a new or used vehicle, so you can see exactly what our customers are saying about us - in their own words

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"They're a great Team!"
"Michael introduced me to the Jeep Cherokee after hearing my concern about needing a new & safe vehicle for the new year. He did the financial piece on the 2014 Cherokee and found financing options that made the purchase too good to pass up. He was courteous and professional and helped me to understand all aspects of my purchase. Johnny took me for a test drive and explained all the great features of the Cherokee. He helped me to understand the safety aspects and I was sold along with all the other great features. Johnny was very knowledgeable and patient and professional."
~Suzanne Legg

"Very professional with a great background in the Jeep Wrangler."
Very satisfied with both Aristedes and Matt for follow up and information received during the purchase of my vehicle. 
~Ron Berry

"You did great!"
Said of Aristedes, "Kind and did very well at his job, also was knowledgeable at what he is doing."
~Gerard Pepin

"Sales personnel are very accommodating."
Aristedes is very personable & sincere.  Very nice gentleman.  Checked computer for all rebates  & discounts.  Thank you Aristedes.
~Jane Symms

"Are you satisfied?  "Yes, very much."
Aristedes is very open and honest - wonderful new car buying experience.
~Dawn Collins

"Very Happy."
Outstanding - Job Well Done!
~Patricia Mix

"Johnny was very nice and helped with everything."
He was, so super supportive and helped us with everything we needed. 
~Peter & Ellen Nason

"The experience was Amazing."
Great help with a good first time experience.
~Robert Lunt

"Our Salesperson was very sincere." (Aristedes)
Your team does very well.
~Dave Britch

"No Games, No Pressure"
I felt very comfortable with both Johnny and Michael.  No games, just facts, no pressure...Johnny is very sincere. Coming here after an experience at another dealership was a very pleasant experience.  No games, no pressure. 
~John Crandall

"Answered all my questions."
She (Jennifer Malone) was very sincere and answered all my questions. 
~Kimberly Mather

"Very satisfied."
Very well, appreciate all the help.
~Jenilee Gossom 

"Very satisfied. Would definitely recommend to others."
Mr. Poulis was extremely professional, informative, helpful and sincere, as was Mike with the financial end. 
~Doreen Donnelly

"Very Good."
Great experience.  Everyone was very personable and professional.  Appreciate the lack of pressure tactics and offering a fair price up front. 
~Tricia and John Jones

"Most Enjoyable!"
Awesome experience.
~George and Judith Larmie

Very happy with Staci's and Aristedes' professionalism. 
~Ronald Beaulieu

"Very knowledgeable of vehicle and lease options."
Aristedes, "worked hard at achieving the monthly payment we were looking for."
~Sharon and James Golightly

"Everyone was very helpful."
Everything was perfect.  Very sincere, great listening, helpful in picking the right vehicle after I told them my needs. 
~Deborah Brucato

"Very sincere, very personable."
Probably the easiest ever! (purchasing experience) 
~Joanne Sylvain

"We are extremely satisfied."
We are extremely satisfied with the service we were provided during our purchasing of our new '08 Liberty Limited.  Your service was awesome.  Everyone was very nice and helpful during the entire time we were here. My salesman (John Riordan) was very honest and sincere on everything we have done today.  He wasn't pushy on anything and made us feel very comfortable in our purchase.
~Danielle Hussey & Eric Joslyn

"Very Nice, Understanding."
Sales people were very nice and helpful.
~Zachary LeRoy

"Very Good."
Can't think of anything (to do to serve our customers better).  You do just fine. 
~Donna Fletcher

"It has been a great experience."
It has been a great experience.  Aristedes was friendly and a great help. -Less paperwork would be good-
~Laurie & George Thomas

Up Front - No Tricks, Gimmicks, etc.
~Steve Bentley

Are you satisfied? "Absolutely!"
Aristedes was very sincere and personable. Made our experience the best and most comfortable vehicle buying experience ever. He even came in on his day off to finalize everything. 
~Daniel Mooers

"Very Satisfied."
Great job - extremely sincere. 
~Nancy & Derek Peters

"Very Satisfied"
Aristedes is a "Great Salesperson".
~Dillon Lucier

"Everything was perfect!"
Aristedes is, "very friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating."
~Danielle & Aaron Cressey

"You guys keep kicking butt :) THANK YOU!"
John (Riordan) and everyone has  been extremely honest, informative and I have really felt secure buying my vehicle here.  Honest, hard-working, timely, accountable, trustworthy.  John has really directed me into a great position with this purchase.  Can't be more grateful.  Hands down I will be recommending to friends. 
~Mallory McHugh

We would buy another car from Aristedes in a heartbeat.  Great name too.
~Katie Henderson

"Very Satisfied."
Our sales person (Aristedes) was great to work with and would do it again.
~John Pond III

"Keep up the good work!"
Aristedes made it easy, simple and enjoyable.  Each step was communicated perfectly. Excellent!!!
~Joy Messineo

"No pressure and very helpful answering all our questions."
Very satisfied, pleasant, friendly sales rep.  Johnny was sincere, honest and very open with us.  We enjoyed the whole experience.
~Sean and Laura Wyckoff

"Excellent process, very smooth."
Aristedes is a, "kind and down to earth salesperson.  Communicates well." 
~Marc Auclair

"Very Good - Sincere and Honest."
The best car buying experience I've had. 
~Michelle Weilik-Cyr

"Helpful/Easy Experience."
Very satisfied.  The crew was very good to me and made me feel very welcome her for business.  Great service.  
~Peter Miltner Jr

"Everything went well."
Aristedes is a very good salesman.  He had everything ready when we came.  Everything went well and he is very sincere. 
~George Correia

"Everyone was great."
Aristedes was helpful, informative & not pushy, appreciate that. 
~Linda & Ralph Tripondi, Somersworth

"Everything was perfect!"
Very detailed and everything was all ready for us.  Very honest, Aristedes was the only person to call me back from 5 other dealerships.  
~Jason Gregg

"Great Experience."
Extremely sincere, Aristedes was professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. 
~TJ Jean

"You're doing a great job!"
Aristedes is very sincere & listens to all needs and wants.  Very satisfied, quick and easy. 
~Amanda Lee

"Working with local businesses."
Aristedes was, "Extremely pleasant to deal with.  This was a pressure free purchasing experience! 
~Mike Rogers, Kittery Water District

Said of Aristedes, "The first on I trusted after 30 years of buying cars!"
~Rebecca Drew

"Yes I am! (satisfied with your purchasing experience)."
Aristedes was, "Very nice to work with."
~Ryan Minchin

"Very easy going - friendly atmosphere."
Sean and Matt took the time to get to know a little about me and my vehicle experience. 
Christopher Morin

"Very Satisfied."
Aristedes, "was very nice and helpful."
~Alice Wentworth

"It was a fabulous experience."
The was the best experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle.  Staci and John Riordan were fantastic, easy to work with and truly concerned with my purchasing needs.  They were as sincere as could be - I feel like a valued customer and will come to Poulin anytime I am looking to purchase a vehicle.  I give my highest praise for Poulin customer service. 
~Suzanne Smilowicz,Maine

"He was a fantastic sales person."
John Riordan was, "Very informative and knowledgeable about our vehicle.  Made it a great experience!" 
~Susan Spinale, Farmington, N.H.

"Everything was great :) "
I enjoyed how I was called and they were willing to work with me.  Aristedes is honest and patient with the time I took looking.  
~Veronica Stevens

"Very satisfied with everyone!!"
The Poulin team was a great team.  I have no complaints or wanting anything more.  Aristedes was wonderful, answered all questions and if he didn't know, he got the answer for me.  Made car buying a pleasure. 
~Linda Graves

"The dealership seems to be excellent in all regards. I am very pleased."
Very much found the dealership to have integrity and sense of team work.  Sean Duffy is, very sincere and a pleasure to deal with. 
~David Tetreault

"He is a good man. (Sean)"
Mr. Duffy was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.  I asked  A LOT of questions and he answered everything with a smile on his face.  
~Fred Biederman

"He doesn't usually like salesmen."
No suggestions - Excellent.  Was very pleased with the salesperson (Aristedes).  As mentioned, I don't usually like salesmen but was quite pleased with the service.  
~Gaston and Juliette Bilodeau

"Best Yet!"
So far I have been overwhelmed!  Best yet!  Johnny was, "Honest and not pushy (my type)." 
~Lance Reynolds

Very good, honest and upfront! 
~Paul Donato

"Very nice buying experience."
Salesperson (Aristedes) was exceptional, no B.S., professional.  Two thumbs up!  Will use again. 
~Christopher Bemis

"Aristedes should be congratulated on his work ethic!"
The salesperson worked harder than anyone I've ever seen on a the sale of this vehicle.  
~John Downs

"Very Accommodating!"
Very nice dealership, knowledgeable regarding vehicles and friendly staff.
~Linda Sanders

"It is a great experience!"
Staci knows and understands peoples situations. She is very personable. I asked for Staci because she was so good and fair with my parents (when they purchased a vehicle). My company stresses customer service and I can see that you already focus on that! It is a great experience! 
~Jo-Ann Gosselin

"All seems to work just fine."
Aristedes was very open and friendly.  He has good product knowledge. 
~David Hemenway

"Excellent Service!"
Very attentive and willing to assist Sales Force.  Very satisfied - pleasant -Helpful.  Down to earth, not pushy.  
~John and Cynthia Cooke

"Thank you for everything!"
I just wanted to thank everyone for their time last week. I came in with my 2011 Mercury Milan and was asking a lot in order to get into a new Jeep Patriot. I know the staff tried hard to make it work and did their best to make it work out for me. In the end I did not end up purchasing the vehicle, but just wanted everyone to know I appreciate their time and effort!

"Wouldn't change a thing."
Very satisfied from the sales person, Aristedes to Mike in financing, excellent service.  Very knowledgeable about the vehicle, calls returned promptly. 
~Charles and Sylvia LeBlanc

"Very Professional."
Very polite, very good at what they do. 
~Christopher Stevens

"Totally Satisfied."
Aristedes is very sincere and helpful. 
~Dorothy Cassidy

I went to six other dealers but chose here primarily do to liking Aristedes! 
~Brent Kimball

"All process exceeded our expectations"
I checked many other vehicles and dealers and 90% of my decision was driven by Staci's service level.  She was very helpful since we were in Mexico.  For her to get all things done and we are very happy about our purchase because of her. You are very flexible with the payment method, deliver and paperwork.  
~Jorge Magana

"I will be back and send others."
I went to 3 dealers before coming here & dealing with Johnny.  Would never go anywhere else.  It was Johnny's professionalism & sincerity that we have me come back. 
~Valerie Smith

"Very Professional."
Aristedes is, very sincere & honest, helpful.
~Bill & Linda Gibney

"Very Nice & Patient."
Aristedes "Always made sure he got all the answers to our questions."
~Brand & Kayla Moulton

"No pressure, just a great buying experience."
Everything was thoroughly covered & explained by Sean.  We have purchased several new vehicles and this was among the very best experiences.  Everything was wonderful. 
~Robert and Susan Fairey

"Great Service."
We were treated very well, we had knowledgeable sales and service associates (Aristedes and Sean) - We feel great about our purchase. 
~Jesse Boyd

"Excellent - Both Sean and Aristedes."
Are you satisfied with the overall purchasing experience?  "Yes!!!  Just fine!!!  We're Back!!!"
~Jim & Penny Mearns

"We were satisfied."
Everyone was helpful and friendly.  Our salesman (Aristedes) was a very nice person.  He seemed to care about our best interests. 
~Richard and Theresa Boire

Perfect!  Well organized. 
~Daniel Beach

"Aristedes has been the greatest help to us."
We are overjoyed about securing a 2nd car from Poulins in 3 months.  You have gone above and beyond servicing us without pressure.  
~James & Hannah Walke

"Fantastic. Loved the no pressure experience."
Very easy sale.  No pressure & was able to get what we wanted with no high pressure sales tactics.  
~Steven Gahan

"Very easy to work with sales staff."
Aristedes is, "Very sincere, didn't feel like there were any sales tricks."
~Jennifer Mountain

"Continue the professionalism."
Very satisfied.  Above and beyond to make everything happen.  Aristedes is, "Very nice and was very helpful and was always there to answer questions."
~Wayne Ham

"Couldn't be happier."
Staff was pleasant.  No pressure.  All had smiles and very welcoming.  It never felt like a business deal.  Absolutely wonderful to work with. 
~Robin Vinciguerra

Satisfied? "Yes, very much!"
Very thankful to have polite Service and Salesmen that know what they're doing. :)
~Danielle Palmisano

"Very nice and understanding."
Best experience at a dealership I have ever had! 
~Megan Chapman

"Everything was perfect!"
Aristedes, is a great guy, no pressure.  Couldn't have been better! 
~Keith Watson

"It was a very fun experience all around. Thanks Sean!"
No high pressure calls or emails.  Very happy it was very easy.  Sean was awesome!! I would refer any family or friend who is cool & fun enough to own a JEEP to him, any day of the week. 
~Rebecca DiStasi

"A very friendly atmosphere that made car buying fun again!"
This was one of the best car buying experiences I've ever had.  Aristedes was very optimistic and helpful, and gave very comprehensive answers to every question I had.  
~Mike Ruest

Aristedes was great, would recommend him to anyone. 

Any suggestions of how we could serve you better? "No!"
Aristedes got things done in a timely manner. 
~Candice and Brian Boisvert

"Knowledgeable about product."
Aristedes was very nice to talk to and knowledgeable about the product.
~Donald Wentworth

Are you satisfied with the overall purchasing experience? "Yes!"
Said of Aristedes, "He was very nice, didn't push me to buy.  Very informative and genuine I would come back! 
~Melissa Bailey

"Keep the non-pressure sales going!"
It was simple & easy with none of the pressure to buy now.  I hate the "what is it going to take for you to buy today" approach. Aristedes, was good, answered questions when I asked and didn't push just to make a sale.  
~Joseph Burke

"Very good. Very helpful."
Said of Aristedes, "Pretty easy, no pressure, good experience! ' 
~Allen Demain

"Excellent - Explained Every Step."
We took our time and appreciate Aristedes understanding that we did not want to be rushed. 
~Matthew and Jessica McCormack

"John really respected our desire for privacy."
You couldn't have a better ambassador for Jeep than John Riordan.  He is very knowledgeable about the product line without being overly aggressive about the sale;  telling us about all the Jeep's feature while answering any questions we had.  John understood that not everyone in this computer age wants "all the Bells & Whistles", that our choice was for a basic model with manual vs. electronic windows, locks and seats along with no A/C because we'd rather open the window for fresh air or a breeze.  John really respected our desire for privacy by not pushing for our personal information till he needed it to process the special order. He also followed through with getting any and all information necessary for us to obtain our completed loan at our own bank. The best type of advertising is "word of mouth"; and, because we are so satisfied with our Jeep acquisition, we will tell everyone about it and all those who made it so easy to get. 
~Withheld for Privacy

"Extremely polite, friendly and willing to help."
Said of Aristedes: "They had our best interest and earned our trust.  :)  First buying experience, very easy & no stress.  Poulin is the best :) we will return for next vehicle. 
~Keith Ferry

"Gave us our space."
From the time we did research online, to doing leg work to area dealerships; then picking Poulin's because John Riordan gave us our "space", not pressuring. He is the reason we came back to actually place an order for our exact needs & wants. Through the entire process of browsing, onto Q&A, a test drive w/ John to describe features.  Then onto putting our special order together.  His working knowledge beyond the basics of Jeeps made us feel at ease;  through several follow up phone calls; finishing with the purchasing document signing of multiple forms. "No way to have been served better" -  From John to Matt the Sales Manager and the receptionist (both on the phone & in person); along with the Poulins who greeted us like friends and took pictures of us receiving our new keys.
~Withheld for Privacy

My Salespeople were, "very genuine and pleasant."
Said of Johnny Reindeau and Sean Duffy:  Everybody was friendly with a sense of humor so it doesn't feel like you're signing your life away.  
~Dustin Green

"Far better than other dealers I have worked with."
All associates were extremely professional and helpful.  Very likely to return in the future.  Also likely to refer others. 
~Patrick Stoneborough

"Excellent Experience."
Aristedes was great, made this very easy. 
~John Clark and Roberta Siderchuck

"I have done business here before and this time was a lot more enjoyable."
Give Mike a raise! and Aristedes also so he can pay for his daughters tuition @UNH.  He was very easy to deal with - 0 stress at all and no pressure. 
~Beth DeWitt

"Excellent Staff."
Wonderful experience, have purchased vehicles before from Poulins.  Very sincere and caring to my situation and needs as a customer.
~Anthony Macaione Jr

"Very Nice."
Aristedes explained things well.  Easy to get along with. 
~Roger and Diane Whiting

"Everyone was extremely helpful."
My sales rep (Aristedes) was very upfront, honest and helpful. Very satisfied. 
~Greg Knight

"Extremely Sincere"
Said of Aristedes Poulis, "Very attentive to our wants and needs through-out our shopping process. 
~Trisha Sullivan

"Very Friendly."
Adam said of Aristedes, "Very friendly, willing to help and answer all questions."
~Adam Hersom

"We will be back."
Aristedes is very informative and personable.  We'll be back. 
~Christopher Lee

"We've always had a good experience at Poulins."
We feel that Aristedes Poulis was extremely sincere along with Michael the Finance Manager.  We're very pleased. 
~Paul Sayward

Customer suggests that Poulins "move closer to Exeter."
I found  both Sean and Aristedes to be sincerely helpful, willing to take as much time as needed to answer my questions and thoroughly explaining each step.  It has been a very pleasant experience (and I never thought I would say that about buying a car!) 
~Nancy LeRay

"I recommend Poulin Auto for anyone looking to buy a new or used vehicle."
I traded my Mini in for a fantastic 4 door Jeep, but after having surgery it was difficult for me to get in and out of the Jeep and utilize the manual transmission.  Poulin Auto happened to still have my Mini so I bought it back.  I didn't trade the Jeep back because I still need something to haul a trailer as well as have enough room for large items.  Over time, it was clear I still needed and automatic to lessen the pain.  I reached out to Staci who has been so helpful (they all have) since day one.  I took a ride over to the dealership to see what my options were.  We looked at a few and decided the 2008 ford F150 would do the job. There was absolutely no pressure and I love the fact that there is no going back and forth on price.  The team treated me more than fairly. We came to an agreement on price, trade, etc without them even seeing the Jeep.  I was told having done business (twice) with them they trusted in my word that items were not even yet out of the boxes (soft top, so on). I didn't know exactly how I was going to get this all done with only one of me and 3 vehicles in the mix. Staci let me know there would be no problem; she followed me home with the Ford and left my house with the Jeep!
~Elaine Mifflin

"I love Poulins."
John Riordan was very patient with me.  He explained all questions.  He is very knowledgeable, sincere and very thoughtful.  
~Kimberli Wright

"We will highly recommend to others to visit here."
Said of Aristedes and John Riordan:  "There was no pressure.  We tried as many vehicles as we wanted, long test rides"!  "Poulin is the best family oriented business, recommended by many friends".  Arestedes is a wonderful salesperson, informative and sincere". 
~James and Hannah Walke

"Thank You."
Said of the purchasing experience with Aristedes, "It was quick and went smooth.  Very good customer service".
~Charity Harmon

"Very comfortable, pressure-free experience."
Aristedes was, "very relaxed and honest.  I didn't feel rushed or pressured".
~Stephanie Morneault

"I will recommend you!"
Can honestly say Sean made me feel like part of the family.  He's my kind of salesman.  Awesome! 
~Kenneth Podsen

"Thanks Again."
"Thanks Staci, this was the easiest and quickest car purchase I've ever done.  No haggling, fair price for my trade and you delivered my vehicle to my house.  Thanks again."
~Steve, Acton, Maine

"Worth the 100 Mile Trip."
John Riordan was, "Very interested in what was important to us!  Great follow up from Staci on the website.  Worth the 100 miles (2 hours) one way to come and purchase.  Answered all questions without pressure." 
AmyLynne Kukler

"Thank You!"
Aristedes was, "very sincere, no pressure, supportive and very easy to work with.  We would buy with him again.  Very happy with the entire purchasing process."
~Forrest Brock

"Thank You!"
Just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for all the help we received in getting my new Jeep!  I will definitely return in the future if I ever need to purchase another Jeep.  I will also highly recommend Poulin to anyone looking for a vehicle!!
~Jennifer Belanger

"Repeat Customer"
January 25, 2013
This was the second time going back to Poulin and it was great. I can't say how nice it is to go to a dealership and not be treated like crap. The finance guy is the best here and knows what he is doing. I will always suggest friends to go here.
~keebs, Nottingham, NH,

"Wonderful to Work With!"
Johnny has  been wonderful to work with.  He explains everything fully!  Also Mike is wonderful too - very educated on the finance side of this process. 
~Kelly Dowd

"Happy with new van!"
January 25, 2013
Happy with new van. Too cold to go anywhere right now! Loving it just going to work!
~Candy from Farmington, NH ,

"John Riordan KNOWS Jeep."
When we first met John, he spent 2 hours with us - Absolutely no pressure...No personal questions...We enjoyed his easy going, down to earth, friendly manner. He helped us custom build our 2013 4dr Jeep Sports Unlimited...Specially ordered...Straight from the factory. When that Jeep came in...John went over every detail...Inch by inch...Making sure it was perfect - It is still perfect! Matthew...we love the remote starter especially during this frigid weather! We've been to other Dealerships...Poulin Auto Country is 'A' positive experience - Dif...Dif...Differenet - We would do it again - We are more than pleased.
~Bob and Carol L.

"Always Professional."
I've recently started using this dealership for repairs and maintenance and I've very pleased. Everything is clean and everyone's friendly. Prices are good and the service is quick. Free WiFi and a nice waiting room. I recommend them highly.
~Chuck, Rochester, NH

"Very Nice."
Took my brand new Jeep in for an oil change and Tire rotation (which was free) and they even washed my Jeep!
~Mallory from Rochester, New Hampshire

"I think his sincerity was spot on."
Are you satisfied with the overall purchasing experience? "Yes, very satisfied. Aristedes did a great job."
~Bryan Gadbois

"Better than I thought."
Great. No pressure. Listened well to needs.(Said of Aristedes and John Riendeau)
~Jeffrey Emrich

How would you describe the sincerity of your salesperson? "Extremely! :-)"
Satisfied? "Yes." Suggestions on how we can better serve you? "No."
~Bonnie Gagnon

"This was a pleasurable experience."
We found the salesperson very personable...Very knowledgeable - Able to answer our questions. Patient with explanations and information. (Said of Aristedes)
~Wayne Perkins.

Are you satisfied? "Absolutely!"
Aristedes and the dealership made me a great deal and worked with me and my confusing situation from beginning to end...Was straight forward and honest from the first conversation. Great job. Much appreciated!..Seriously, you guys all did great!
~Leife Martin

"He went above and beyond what was expected."
Very pleased. Everyone worked together as a team. Aristedes was so nice, no pressure, and he answered all our questions. He went above and beyond what was expected.
~Donna Comeau

Are you Satisfied? "Yes, Very."
(Said of Aristedes) Very sincere, pleasant, professional, helpful, patient, knowledgeable.
~Janice Grenier

Are you Satisfied? "Yes!"
(Said of Aristedes) Seemed very nice! And helpful.
~Nariel Colbath

(Response to suggestions on how we could better serve our customers...) Keep Aristedes on the Payroll.
~Richard Hastings

Said of Aristedes with regards to purchasing experience and sincerity of salesperson.
~Jeffrey Theriault

"1-10 = 10!"
Customer was satisified with overall purchasing experience.
~Edward Dennis

"Very helpful and professional.He did a great job."
Said of Aristedes.
~Trisha Eaton

"Understanding and helpful in every situation, very accommodating."
Said of Johnny Riendeau. "I'm very satisfied with my purchasing experience. I felt welcomed and people were very helpful."
~Luke O'Brien

"Seemed very sincere."
Said of Aristedes. 
~David Andrew

"Very sincere and appreciated his patience with my tentativeness."
Aristedes was very helpful and took care of all my concerns. He also answer all the questions I had. Overall good experience.
~Lisa Fieldsend

"Excellent, couldn't have been better."
Said of Aristedes' service and sincerity.
~Cheryl Metell

Are you satisfied? "Yes."
Everyone was outstanding. Very helpful and thorough.
~Joseph Cesario

"Very Good."
Said of Aristedes' service and sincerity. Had no suggestions for improvement.
~Philip Wheeler

Said of Aristedes and Sean. "I did not feel pressured and they both went over the vehicle options...I enjoyed working w/ both."
~Talia Bourgeois

"Very Honest and Sincere."
Said of Aristedes. Customer was very satisfied with the overall purchasing experience.
~Grant Cocco

"Great People."
"Dealt with Sean and Steve. Wonderful personalities and did not make me feel pressured. Answered all my questions. Will come back for next vehicle."
~Kathleen George

"Thorough, Patient, Respectful & Friendly."
Said of Aristedes. "On a scale of 1-10, I'd go 10...Felt very comfortable with this salesperson." 
~Christine Norris

Said of Aristedes.
~Heather Kodzis

"From start to finish, everyone was professional in every way."
Said of the entire Poulin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team. "...I felt comfortable every step of the way without the pressure."
~Michael Grigioni

"Excellent. Could not be better."
Said with regards to the sincerity of salesperson, Aristedes Poulis.
~Steven Monack

"Aristedes is a great guy to do business with."
Are you satisfied with the overall purchasing experience? "Yes, everyone was very helpful. No high pressure sales. I enjoyed working with everyone here."
~Joe Ewing

"Everyone was very friendly!"
Said of Aristedes and of the entire Poulin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team.
~Peter Maimes

"Fast and Efficient."
"Easy to communicate with both in person and via email! Aristedes made this a very easy transaction and worked a deal to fit my budget exactly."
~Saul Davidson

"Didn't have to wait around for hours."
~Emily Sposato

Said of Aristedes. Customer was satisfied with overall purchasing experience.
~Michael and Barbara Savage

He (Aristedes) seems like a "straight up" guy.

"You guys are awesome."
"Completely satisfied." "I worked with Matt for a couple years. He was good then. He's fantastic now. Aristedes is great, too."
~David Hunt

"Aristedes was awesome. Very Helpful."
"Best car buying experience ever."
~Kevin Coughlin

"Best experience at a car dealer..."
"Best experience at a car dealer I have had out of the 8 vehicles I have purchased over the years."
~William Colbath

Were you satisfied with the overall purchasing experience? "Yes."
Said of Johnny Riendeau. No suggestions for improvement.
~Brittany Allen

"Very satisfied. Excellent Service!"
"Very friendly, listened well, helpful, understanding, never pushy!!!" Said of Aristedes.
~Karen Berry

"Awesome Experience. Everyone was very professional and friendly.
"Aristedes Poulis was excellent; patient with me, explained everything in detail. I can't think of anything your dealership could improve on. Keep up the great customer service. I look forward to dealing with the dealership in the years to come. Aristedes was and is the best Salesman I have dealt with in many years. I have an extensive background in customer service and he did everything right! Great man."
~Joan Collins

"Everyone was friendly, helpful and professionals."
"My questions were answered thoroughly and I feel good about the deal. Aristedes was friendly and honest. He brought a lot of positive credence to the role of car salesman."
~Gregory Twitchell

"Very Satisfied."
"I phoned around to local dealerships and found your dealership to be outstanding and knowledgeable with regards to your customer service. Also offered the option to custom build my Jeep and gave best rate, rebates, etc."

[John Riordan was] "very sincere, knowledgeable and took the time to explain all options available and took great pride in his job and in the dealership and the Jeep products that are sold at your dealership. John was wonderful through the entire process of the purchase of my new Jeep!!"
~Beth Fletcher

"Yes, Aristedes was nice and non-pressure. Very good!"
~Katelin Schmedemann

"Very good to work with."
Said of Aristedes.
~John Robicheau

Are you satisfied with your overall purchasing experience? "Yes, very much so."
Said of Aristedes. "Another great experience. Very good, a straight shooter."
~Kittery Water District (Mike)

"Very informative and easy going."
Said of John Riordan. "Salesperson was very easy to talk to and very informative. Not pushy. Everything was easy and smooth."
~Jaime Bickford

"Respectful and Patient."
Said of Aristedes.The most satisfying part of the purchasing experience was the "explanation of the salesperson". 
~Samuel Dualu

"5-star :-) "
Said of Steve Laudenbach. "Very helpful with my questions over the phone before coming in."
~Rachel Langlois

"Truthful and sincere."
Said of Aristedes Poulis and Sean Duffy.
~Andrew Peaslee

"I was pleased with the entire experience, not just my Salesperson but with any and all the people I had contact with."
Said of Steve Laudenbach and qualities that would cause him to become a repeat customer: "His kindness and patience. He spoke to me, not at me."
~Norman Labrie

"Sean was very enjoyable to work with."
Customer stated that the service was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. "Nothing could be changed. We came back after 12 months to buy another vehicle from Sean. He is an exceptional Salesman. Nothing but positive."
When asked what quality her salesperson possesses that would encourage her to become a repeat customer, she said, "Personality, compassion, & loyalty. Hands down the most amazing Salesman. We are now proud owners of 2 Poulin Family autos due to Sean. Sean Rocks :-)"
~Ashley Walker

Said with regards to the overall purchasing experience. Salesperson (Aristedes) was "friendly and knowledgeable."
~Scott West

"The sale went extremely smoothly."
Said of overall purchasing experience."Hopefully I will be as happy with this vehicle as I was working with Lisa initially and Aristedes as a final salesperson."
When asked what quality her salesperson possessed that would encourage her to become a repeat customer, she sad, "Non-pushy unlike the last salesperson with my last purchase! Very nice and patient."
~Terri Melville

"Salesperson, Aristedes. Terrific customer service."
Said in response to what was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. "Accommodating, friendly, and very patient with my several inquiries and followup calls."
~Sarah Watkins

"Always out to please the customer."
Said of Sean Duffy. "I am a repeat customer. When I decided I wanted to trade I just called him and he came through!...I told Sean what I was looking for and within an hour he had exactly what I had in mind. There is never any pressure - when you deal with him it's all about you and your wants. Very nice doing business with him. Brian was great too!...I get treated very well by everybody here in every department."
~Ruthann Roux

"Down to Earth."
Said of Aristedes. "Everyone was pleasant and very friendly."
~Michael Richard

Said of Aristedes. "Easy and convenient and satisfying experience."
~David & Mary Dawley

"You all have been great. Can't get better!"
Said of Aristedes and team. The most satisfying part of the purchasing experience was "the final paperwork and getting ready to drive off the lot." "Offered a lot of info on the Jeep that we didn't think to ask. Great advice."
~Liza Safford

"Service outstanding."
Said of John Riordan. "Service to son when he bought his truck.That made us want to get a new vehicle at Dick Poulin's." Said in response to what quality the salesperson possesses that would encourage them to become a repeat customer,
~Richard O'Brien

"The payment was where I needed it to be."
Customer said they are repeat customers and had no suggestions for improvement. Said salesperson (Aristedes) was "knowledgeable."
~Lauryl Vachon

"...Worked with me to get what I needed. They didn't give up until they could help me."
Said of Aristedes, "He was great. Second car I have bought from him. Aristedes was a great help, and a great salesman."
~Allen Demain

"Clear explanation, great salesman and great customer service."
Said with regards to qualities the salesperson possesses that would encourage them to become a repeat customer, "Calmness, no pushing on buying the car or arguing. Great qualities that Aristedes Poulis possesses!"
~Stanislav Glotov

"Friendly, stress-free."
Said of Aristedes and John Riendeau. "Customer Service..." was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience.
~Karen Eldridge

"Very Knowledgeable and friendly."
Said of Aristedes and staff, "Continue the good work...The staff is great. Very helpful."
~David Holcomb

"No pressure, very nice, easy going."
Said of Aristedes. Best part of the purchasing experience was, "...that I was not at the dealership for hours but it was nice and smooth and easy."
~Kimberly Dawes

"Hassle - Free - No Pressure - and Aristedes, our salesperson."
Said in response to the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. "Excellent in handling all aspects of our purchase. Great personality."
~Leo Michaud

"Honest and upfront. Worked hard to make the deal happen."
Said of Steve Laudenbach and in response to what was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience, "Dealing with honest, straightforward sales people. No pressure in buying."
~Patty Milano

"Steve was a very nice guy who made us feel appreciated."
Said of Steve Laudenbach. "No fake conversations. Straight up. Very pleasant experience."
~Todd Chamberlain

"Keep doing what you're doing! Great service."
Said of John Riendeau and John Riordan. "Very nice and accurate and knowledgeable...Very quick with responses and giving what I ask for."
~Darlene Washburn

"We like the Jeep Patriot."
"Served us very friendly and very professionally." Said of Aristedes.
~Lucy Hyland

"Excellent customer service and straight dealing."
Said of Aristedes. "Personable, polite and accommodating."
~Brian Dolley

"Salesman - Aristedes Poulis - Great to deal with."
~Eugene Marcotte Jr.

"Well Informed and Patient."
Said of Aristedes Poulis.
~Joseph Wormhood

"Product knowledge, friendly."
Said in response to what qualities the salesperson (Aristedes) possessed that would encourage him to become a repeat customer.
~Jonathan Thomas

"Friendly, no pressure sales."
Said of Aristedes Poulis. "No pressure, friendly, helpful."
~Melanie Stinehour

"Friendly and easy to work with."
Said of Aristedes Poulis. "Respect and commitment to working out the deal." Said in response to what qualities of the salesperson would make them a repeat customer.
~Wayne Ham

"Exceptional Sales Department."
"I have purchased 2 previous vehicles from Poulin. Always happy with the service." Said in response to what would encourage her to become a repeat customer.
~Carol Cummings

"Very personable and easy to work with." 
Said of Aristedes. "No pressure to buy a particular vehicle. Showed us those vehicles we were most interested in looking at. Had the time to consider available options and decide on a vehicle and options for our needs.
~Paul Hopkins

"Satisfying Sellers."
Said in response to qualities salesperson possessed that would encourage them to become a repeat customer.
~Michael Williams

"Very pleasant to talk with."
Said of Aristedes. When asked what the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience was, the customer responded, "Dealing with your salesperson." When asked what quality the salesperson possessed that would encourage them to become a repeat customer, they said, "Knowing his product."
~Donald Wentworth

"Steve Laudenbach was very friendly and outgoing - best salesman ever."
Said of Steve's qualities, "Kept me updated on all the information about what was happening while making it fun so it didn't seem like paperwork."
~Kyle Sherman

"Nice customer service."
Said in response to "What was the most satisfying part of the purchase experience? "Friendliness, knowing about the vehicles."
~Eden Guile

"Great dealership and no pressure sales!"
~Denise Savoie

"Polite, informative, personable."
Said in response to what was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience, "The thrill of the new vehicle. Also the experience with Aristedes; he is really a wonderful salesperson."
~Kristin Dolley

""Everything was absolutely great."
Said of John Riendeau and Aristedes Poulis. When asked what was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience, the customer responded, "Dealing with knowledgeable sales experience and very polite to deal with. Salespeople were honest and not pushy. Also went our of their way to make it a pleasure to do business with."
~Geraldine Johnson

"Atmosphere and pleasant salespeople & satisfaction."
Said of Aristedes & Mike, and the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. "They actually gave you a chance to 'look'. Both Mike and Aristedes were terrific. I got a great deal and would definitely go back."
~Gary Avery

"I'm a repeat customer because he's very relaxed, and pays attention to details!"
Said of Aristedes.
~Brent Kimball

"Explained things very clearly and patiently."
Said of Aristedes. "Very nice and helpful."
~Qing Guo

"Sales Consultant Aristedes easy to talk with and Mike explained finance well."
Said in response to what was the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. "Easy to communicate with, prompt follow up phone calls and answered all questions."
~Jane Davis

"Ease of doing business."
Said in response to the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. "Everyone we dealt with was helpful without being pushy. Much appreciated."
~Deborah Hendrickson

"Friendly, not push, helpful."
Said of Aristedes and team, "Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent service - couldn't do better."
~Kenneth Bassett Sr.

"How knowledgeable the staff were and how they were not pushy and they made the whole process easy."
Said in response to the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience. Also said of Aristedes, "He knew his job and was not pushy and was able to give us what we wanted without any hassle or pressure. He worked around us, we didn't have to work around the dealership."
~Kasandra Cullinan

"Honesty and Zero Pressure."
Said in response to what would make him become a repeat customer. Also said of Aristedes and team, "Made the process very pressure...great deal...He was quick to respond to questions via email or phone...In the Sales process everything was good...Quick response to phone calls and emails. Haven't used the Service Department yet, but so far they seem helpful."
~Carl Martin IV

"Attention to detail."
"Excellent service - couldn't have asked for more. Attentive, detail-oriented, friendly."
~Cheryl Ann Dean

"Very pleasant and not too pushy."
Said of Aristedes & Steve Laudenbach. "I feel I got a very fair trade-in and was most pleased at getting back to an Impala."
~Roberta Sheets

"Very helping, cooperative and made the purchase easy."
Said of Steve Laudenbach & Aristedes Poulis. "Very much cooperative. Made all info. ready."
~Samyamay Kanjilal

"I'm a repeat customer because I love my 2008 Patriot."
"Just keep doing what you're doing. I have bought many cars over the years and this was among the best...Everyone has been super." Said of John Riendeau and Steve Laudenbach.
~John Ambrose

"Very smooth, very helpful and informational. Simple "negotiation" process with buyer's desired outcome."
"Great deal, great salesperson, great after purchase care with oil changes, rotations, etc...Very friendly and super knowledgeable. Very intuitive with what I needed and wanted. Able to work together towards the desired outcome. Thank you Aristedes!"
~Ryan Audet

"Very friendly. Not pushy and most important, listened to me because I knew what I needed."
Said of Steve Laudenbach. "Enjoyed speaking about being a disabled vet. Also appreciated both owners came to personally thank me. Got exactly what I wanted and did not push anything I did not."
~Michael Fragala

"The whole experience was pleasant. Aristedes is wonderful to deal with. Very knowledgeable!"
Customer stated in response to what would encourage them to become a repeat customer, "Honesty, integrity, friendliness, knowledgeable about the car and never made us feel rushed or pressured."
~Cori Kast

"Was a perfect experience."
Said of experience with John Riordan, Salesman. "John was extremely knowledgeable about the brand and vehicle. Very helpful throughout process. Made us feel very comfortable with vehicle process, and was so helpful. We are very satisfied."
~Leslie Payne

"All Sales Employees are outstanding." 
Customer said the most satisfying part of the purchasing experience was, "Aristedes Poulis and the rest of the Poulin employees."
~Robert Ouellette

"Everything was fantastic!"
"Everyone I worked with was more than professional and will be back for my next vehicle." Customer stated the most satisfying part of the experience was "the interaction and experience with the sales representatives."
~Scot Fletcher

"Continued Integrity."
Customer stated the most satisfying part of the experience was "Driving away with our new 300S!"
~David Frase

"Great experience. Would be happy to do business again n the future. Thanks Sean!"
Said of Sean Duffy, "Good sense of humor, quick response to email, took the initiative to work out my insurance with my agent for me! A busy, working guy appreciates that!" Said the most satisfying part of the experience was, "Finding the perfect vehicle I was looking for and working with a sales guy who wasn't too pushy, had a great sense of humor, and responded quickly to my needs."
~Matt Thornton
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